Dr Michael Clarke  MB BS FRANZCP Psychiatrist
It is understandable that people attending an IME could feel quite anxious about the process.  Here is some information that may help you feel more prepared: Appointments generally take about an hour depending on the complexity of your situation.  Dr Clarke is most often running on time so please allow adequate time for transport and parking so the appointment can start when scheduled and the full allotted time is then available. Most people attend by themselves but some prefer to have a support person with them.  This is permitted but it must be understood that they are not to add to the history or make comment unless specifically asked to do so. The purpose of the assessment will be discussed with you at the commencement of the appointment.  Referral documentation will have been reviewed prior to the appointment so Dr Clarke will be familiar with the issues that need to be addressed.  Your own history of events and your condition are the most important aspects of the assessment.  You will be asked background information, including family history, some of which might not seem relevant but this is part of a full psychiatric assessment.  There is a limit to the confidentiality of the process as anything discussed may be included in the report to the referring party. If you have any questions about the process, Dr Clarke will be happy to discuss them with you at your appointment.
Attending an IME
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